Top 10 Ways to Reduce Screen Time for Kids

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Screen Time for Kids -  Gone are the days when kids used to play with toy phones, but in today's era, they are replaced with smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. Kids love watching animated videos, and listening to poems, learning art and craft, on the phone and TV. As a parent, you know the negative impacts of excessive screening time on your kids. Are you looking for some methods to solve this issue? Fret not! In this detailed exploration, we will discuss the Top 10 ways to minimise screen time for kids that will surely help you manage your little one’s screen time without compromising their fun and entertainment.

What Survey Says About Kid’s Screen Time?

According to the report published by the CDC ( Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), on average, a kid ages 8-18 spends around 7.5 hours in front of a screen for entertainment each day, about 4.5 hours of which are spent on TV. The number is quite unexpected. But believe it or not, monitoring your kid’s screen time is not a big challenging deal. Here are the media use guidelines by the American Academy of Pediatrics  - 

  • Younger than 2 years old: No screen time.
  • 2-5 years: Limit the screen time to only 1 hour a day.
  • 5+ years: Set appropriate limits of kid’s screen time. Check the children's media use for their safety and health. 

Top 10 ways to minimise screen time for kids: Healthy Kids, Happy Kids 

As a parent, you are already packed with numerous responsibilities and it can be difficult to entertain and play with your children all day long. While TVs and tablets help your kids be entertained and busy, you shouldn’t allow them to use these devices for a long time.

Below we have curated the list of the top 10 ways to minimise screen time for kids

1. Start with yourself 

Kids are not copycats but yes, they learn from what they observe. If you are addicted to the internet world and scroll a lot on your phone, then it is impossible to reduce your kid’s screen time. To minimise your kid’s screen time, make sure you set an example for them by limiting your screen time as well.

2. Encourage other activities 

Another way to reduce the kid’s screen time is to attract them to other activities. You can set the time or alarm according to your schedule that is dedicated to that specific activity. For instance: you can choose to solve puzzles, play outside games, and others at 4 pm. By offering your kids new and exciting activities, you can keep them entertained and busy in a healthy way.

3. Spend time with your children 

Try to spend more time with your kids. Plan family activities such as playing games, gardening, telling stories, and others. It will not only help to minimise the kid’s screen time but will foster the family's relationship and will teach them about family values.

4. Set the screen limit

Whether your child loves watching cartoons on TV or playing video games on a phone, set a specific time limit and stick to it. For instance: limit video game time to an hour a day only after the meal is properly finished.

5. Take small steps 

If you suddenly make changes in your kid’s screen time, it can make them irritated and stubborn. Start from the small steps. Try cutting a few times in their screen time, then set a specific limit.

6. Craft a screen-free sleep area

Having devices available in bedrooms or sleeping areas can create a disturbance in quality sleep. Lack of sleep at night can leave your kid exhausted and irritated throughout the day. Keep the tablets or other screens away from their sleeping zone. Install or place them in the centre location where you can easily monitor their screen time. 

7. Encourage reading 

Inspire your children to read books instead of spending time with screens. Shop for the kid’s friendly books that contain poems, and short stories with a message. It will help to enhance your children's growing journey and create a long-term productive change.

8. Be consistent

After all, kids are kids. They can become chaotic when you try to shake their screen time. But as a parent, it is your responsibility to handle their mood with patience and tell them the importance of these screen time limits for their health. Stay consistent and calm and you will experience quality sleep, healthy weight, and other positive changes in your child’s health.

9. Give rewards

Your kid is also working hard to reduce his/her screen time. Analyze their weekly screen time and give them rewards to cheer them up. The reward can be related to anything, for instance: making their favourite cake, a surprise trip, a new toy, and others. 

10. No screen during meal

It is the habit of many kids to eat meals while watching online videos or TV. Put away the screens during meals. Not only will it reduce screen time but also enhance their eating habits and digestion. 

Winding Up!

So that was a wrap of the Top 10 ways to minimise screen time for kids. By following these tips you can reduce your kid’s screen time and enhance their overall health. Lastly, remember, that limiting screen time doesn’t mean completely cutting them off from the digital world. It’s all about creating a perfect balance between entertainment, fun, and health.

People May Also Ask For the Top 10 ways to minimise screen time for kids

Q1: What are the side effects of over-screen time on kids?

Ans; Excessive screen time can dramatically impact the child’s overall development. It can increase the risk of obesity, anxiety, sleep disturbance, eye strain, and others. Follow the above 10 ways to minimise your kid’s screen time. 

Q2: How much screen time should I allow my 7-year-old child?

Ans: There are specific screen time limits for children of different ages. According to studies, children with an age more than 6 years old should not spend more than two hours a day on screen.

Q3: What are the best family activities at home that help to reduce kid’s screen time?

Ans: To minimise your kid’s screen time and strengthen the family bonds, you can plan some family activities like drawing, puzzles, dancing, balloon games, gardening, and many others.

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