Go Wild 120cm Round Nest Swing Set

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Buy Go Wild 120cm Round Nest Swing Set – Welcome to the world where nature and play collide. Whether your little explorers dream of soaring through the jungle or embarking on daring escapades, Buy Go Wild 120cm Round Nest Swing brings their wildest adventures to life. Get ready to witness laughter, joy, and endless fun right in your own garden. It's time to let your imagination take flight to next level.


Crafted from durable materials, this swing set is built to withstand the elements and provide years of enjoyment. Its sturdy construction ensures stability, giving parents peace of mind while children swing with pure delight. Go Wild 120cm Round Nest Swing Set transforms your top garden into an adventure haven. With its secure and spacious 120cm diameter, children can swing, spin, and unleash their imagination in a safe and comfortable nest.


Introducing The Excellent UK Designed Garden Swing Set With Round Nest 


  • This excellent UK designed garden swing set comes with a fabulous 120cm nest swing. This is an extremely popular model within our 'GO WILD' range and truly a garden 'must have' for your outdoor living space.
  • The robust netted hanging swing has been constructed in 1 full piece (not flat packet) for ultimate strength and durability. The strong ropes that connect to our solid galvanised brackets is also fully adjustable.
  • The wooden frame itself is made from ethically sourced FSC pressure treated timber, it really is built to last!  In fact we are that confident in our wooden swings we give all our customers a LIFETIME warranty on the frame, and yes you did hear that right!
  • Our timber construction comprises of 80mm thick legs for rigidity and a whopping 100mm diameter top beam for maximum strength and longevity.


Why Should You Buy This Product?


The Go Wild 120cm Round Nest Swing Set is a top choice for families seeking outdoor play equipment that creates a fun and safe environment for children. Here's why it stands out:


  1. Superior Quality and Safety: Constructed from durable materials like high-quality steel and weather-resistant fabric, the swing set ensures longevity and reliability. It meets the highest safety standards with secure fastenings, reinforced ropes, and a sturdy frame supporting multiple children. the Go Wild 120cm Round Nest Swing Set provides a secure resting space with its spherical nest shape, promoting safety during playtime.
  2. Versatile Design: Its versatile design allows for multiple children to enjoy swinging together, making it ideal for playdates, family gatherings, or siblings playing together. Children can choose to sit, stand, or lie down, encouraging imaginative play and exploration. Installing the swing set is a straightforward process, suitable for gardens, patios, and various outdoor locations.
  3. Development of the Physical and Sensory Systems: Furthermore, swinging on this set offers numerous benefits for physical and sensory development, improving coordination, balance, and body awareness. The swinging motion stimulates the vestibular system, contributing to spatial awareness, visual tracking, and fine motor skill development.
  4. Social Interaction and Communication: Swinging together promotes cooperative play, turn-taking, and sharing. It encourages imaginative play and storytelling, fostering creativity. The swing set becomes a hub for socialization, building friendships.
  5. Outdoor Play and Active Lifestyle: In the digital age, the swing set motivates children to embrace the outdoors and lead an active lifestyle. It provides a break from sedentary screen time, promotes exercise, and combats childhood obesity. Swinging becomes a memorable experience that encourages enjoying the great outdoors.


Key Highlights Of Round Nest Swing Set


  • Lifetime Warranty On The Wooden Frame
  • Includes Large 120cm Round Nest Swing
  • Height 227cm x Width  346cm x Depth 202cm
  • Free UK Mainland Delivery *
  • Free Wooden Spiked Ground Anchors
  • Assembly Required - Approx. 1 hour
  • Tools Required - Preferably A Drill (Screwdriver)  and Drill Piece


Seller’s Disclaimer


  • The additional swinging space required when positioning the double swing is 170cm to the front and 170cm to the back.  These measurements are taken from the centre of of the top beam.
  • Price includes FREE UK mainland delivery 
  • You will also notice that our design team has developed a unique and innovative rubber sleeve that's pre-attached to the beams ready for inserting directly in to our solid steel powder coated metal brackets. This supports the woods natural expansion and contraction without compromising the functionality, safety and movement of this double wooden swing set.  This children's swing set also comes with spiked wooden ground anchors for excellent stability.


Final Note 


The Go Wild 120cm Round Nest Swing Set from Titan Toys is the ultimate outdoor play equipment for children, combining nature and play in a safe and exciting way. This versatile swing set accommodates multiple children, encouraging social interaction, imaginative play, and physical development. By promoting an active lifestyle and providing a break from screens, this swing set becomes a gateway to a world of outdoor adventures

If your looking for a this swing set with an added 6ft slide then please check it out here 

Technical Specification

  • Top Beam Thickness 100mm
  • Height Adjusting Ropes
  • Support Leg Thickness 80mm
  • 4 x Ground Anchors
  • 2x Galvanised Hanging Brackets
  • 2x Side Support Beams
  • 2 Powder Coated A-Frame Brackets
  • Total Height 227cm
  • Pressure Treated  FSC Timber
  • Total Width  346cm
  • Lifetime Warranty On Frame
  • Total Depth 202cm
  • Nest Swing  120cm  & 200kg Max Load
  • Brand- Go Wild

Customer Reviews

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olivera lambert

Go Wild 120cm Round Nest Swing Set

Margareth O'Flaherty
Go Wild 120cm Round Nest Swing Set

Really efficient service. Said they would do their best to deliver swiftly for my son's birthday and they kept their promise. Swing set is a wow! The kids (and the adults) love it.

Claire Barnett
Swing Basket

Brilliant product
Husband and I assembled ourselves
Clear instructions. Highly recommended!

G Robson

I bought a round net swing and have recently put it in the garden. The quality looks spot on, very robust. The service was excellent.

Dawn Petry
Great addition to my garden

I bought this swing for any visitors to enjoy, both little and not quite so little! It went together easily…I set my 2 sons to work whilst the daughter in law read out instructions and managed the process….and is solid and sturdy. A really nice piece of kit. Delivery was quick and communication was excellent so in all, I’m very happy with my purchase and feel this is a good company to deal with. Thank you Titan Toys 👍🏼

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