24v Battery For The Hornet, Neo & Vulcan Buggies

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Used as a replacement or spare battery comprising of 2 x Parallel linked 12v battery's with a that powers the 4 powerful  4 wheel drive buggies listed below. This battery includes a tough outer casing with a carry handle to make it extremely easy when switching out the old one.  

Simply lift the bonnet of your buggy and disconnect the clip. Then remove the metal bar that holds the battery in place. You will have the new fully charged battery interchanged in 2 minutes. 


Vulcan S

Vulcan Carbon


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paul barlow
24v Hornet Jeep

we have had this for nearly two years now and it has been fantastic, the 4wd actually does what it says on the tin, also the guys in the office are courteous and very helpful, definitely recommend the Hornet Jeep, my daughter loves it.

Peter Wilcock
Peter Wilcock

We recently submitted a review on a new battery which wasn’t very complimentary on a new battery we purchased last month. Following advice from the sales company to try another plug in point we have found our original criticism of the battery to be lacking in power to be totally unfounded. Hence we are pleased to state that our Vulcan Jeep is now working like it was when first purchased. The moral in this review would be if you have any such problems with similar purchases, contact the sales company as they are extremely professional and helpful in their approach to any such problems.

Hi Peter
These are the exact same batteries that
are fitted with your original buggy. Given that its 13 months since your purchase of the buggy its highly likely its your charging plug not pushing enough voltage to the battery or the motors that power the wheels and determine the speed.

Please fee free to call us and discuss as we tried to call and couldnt get through.

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