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Top 10 Personalization & Decoration Ideas for Your Kids Electric Cars - With the growing popularity of kids's electric cars, children can now enjoy honing important motor skills. These toy cars not only provide hours of entertainment but also a unique opportunity for customization and decoration. Your kids's electric car can be given a creative twist to enhance the experience and make it unique and remarkable. We will take a look at the top 10 personalization and decoration ideas for your kids' electric cars in this article. 

These tips will help turn your kids's electric car into a unique creation

These tips will help turn your kids' ride-on toy into a unique vehicle that reflects their personality and hobbies, from easy DIY projects to more complex customizations. Kids' electric cars from various brands are available at Titan Toys, and they not only provide countless hours of entertainment but also a blank canvas for customization. These little cars are more than just toys; they provide a way for children to express themselves and go on interesting trips.

The Ultimate Top 10 Personalization & Decoration Ideas for Your Kids Electric Cars 

Here we have listed top personalization and decoration ideas for your kids electric cars and hope you find them useful –

1.Custom Paint Jobs

Giving your kids's electric car a personalized paint job is the best way to make it yours. You can choose a design that resembles a real car or a colour palette that matches your kid's favourite colours. A custom paint job can drastically change the way a car looks, whether it's a smooth racing stripe down the middle or a fanciful design of stars and stripes.

2.Add a Sound system

Installing a sound system in your kids electric car will increase the entertainment value. Although aftermarket speakers are available, many models come with speakers already installed. For an enjoyable and engaging experience, put your favourite music or audiobook on a portable media player and connect it to the car speakers.

3.Add a LED lights

LED lights can be added to your kids electric car to create a stunning visual effect, which is especially spectacular at night. To give the car a futuristic glow, place LED strips along the frame or wheels. Some kits also include remote controls, allowing your child to adjust the lighting and colour schemes to suit their mood.

4.Personalized Bumpers

Personalized bumpers will give your kids electric cars a unique look. You can have customized bumper coverings or bumper stickers with fun designs or your kids name on them. This will not only make the ride on car stand out but will also protect it from minor nicks and scratches while playing with it.

5.Decorate with Stickers and Decals

Stickers and decals are a flexible and cost-effective way to give personality to your child's electric car. Various designs are available from cartoon characters to sports logos and they are easy to apply on the car body. Let your kids choose their favourite stickers so you can collaborate on creating a design that's entirely their own.

6.Add a Rearview Mirrors

Consider adding a rearview mirror to your kids electric car for a real finishing touch. Just like on real cars, these small mirrors can be mounted on the sides of the vehicle. They not only enhance the look of the car but also encourage imaginative play as your kids emulate safe driving practices.

7.Decorate the Dashboard 

A great idea to make your kid's electric car stand out is to decorate the dashboard. To make the car look extra personalized, you can add some photos, stickers, or even magnets.

8.Licence Plates

Adding a customized license plate can give your kid's electric vehicle a more professional look. You can get personalized plates made with your child's name or a clever saying that fits their character.

9. Off-Road Accessories

If your kids electric car is meant for off-road excursions, consider adding off-road equipment like a dummy spare tyre, roof rack, or mud flaps. These tough accents not only improve the aesthetics of the vehicle but also encourage your child to imagine an exciting outdoor adventure.

10. Add A Siren Or Air Horn

Blast your siren or airhorn so that everyone knows you are the king of the play park!  Role playing and acting as a police, fire and ambulance person will make their imagination run wild. These can clip on to the car and be removed easily.


Make your kids' playtime even more special and unforgettable by customizing and decorating their electric car. You can make their electric car a reflection of their personality and interests by adding features like a custom paint job, LED lights, and faux leather. 

These top 10 personalization and decoration ideas for your child's electric cars offer a variety of possibilities to match your inventiveness and your child's tastes. At Titan Toys, your child's safety and enjoyment comes first. We offer a wide range of electric cars to match kids' preferences. So, buy your kid's electric cars right away and start personalizing them!

FAQs About Personalization & Decorational Ideas for Your Kids Electric Cars

Q - Can I customize the performance aspects of the electric car?

A - In general, safety and manufacturer's requirements may prohibit this. For the safety of children, most children's electric cars include pre-set power and speed limits. Modifying these features can be risky and may void the warranty. When making changes to a display, it is important to put safety first and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Q - How can I make my kid's electric car stand out in the neighborhood?

A - To make your child's electric car stand out, you can:

  • Install LED Lights
  • Sound System
  • Unique Accessories
  • Themed Decorations
  • Custom License Plate

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