Tips and Tricks to Maintain The Look & Durability of Wooden Swing & Slides

Tips and Tricks to Maintain The Look & Durability of Wooden Swing & Slides - Swings and slides add so much fun and enjoyment to a child’s life. They indirectly offer activity and exercise. Also, enhances socialization by letting many kids play together at once. In addition, this brings excitement among youngsters and they look forward to outdoor games.

Conducting wooden swings and slides maintenance at the departure of each season, specifically before and after winters is a great approach to ensure safety and hygiene. It also helps to make your outdoor playset look excellent and functional for many years. If we talk about parents, the swings and slides keep their kids busy and provide them with some relaxation.

What is more comforting than knowing your kids are playing on a swing set in your garden? By maintaining your swing set timely, you know your kids are playing safe. The best time to check and maintain your wooden swing set is in the spring. If you are not sure how to start the maintenance, here are some useful and helpful tips and tricks for checking, cleaning, and maintaining your wooden swing and slides. Below is the list of things that you need to keep in mind to be sure of a durable wooden swing and slide.

10 Tips and Tricks to Maintain Look & Durability of Wooden Swing & Slides

  1. Protective Surfacing - It is very important to construct your swing set on a safe surface, such as rubber matting, which should be laid below and around the equipment. Also, never build swings and slides on a solid surface like concrete. Your playground should have at least three inches of rubber matting or mulch. You can also use other materials like bark mulch, wood chips, and so on.
  2. The Six Feet Rule - It is advised to leave a six-foot unobstructed space around the swing set in all areas. This space is used by the kids to play. To avoid any interruption, it should be free of any fencing, trees, or any equipment.
  3. Level Area - The place where you have installed your wooden Go Wild swing and slide should not be uneven. It should be a plain and levelled area. This helps in maximizing the slide and swing sets activities.
  4. Screws And Caps - All the zinc coated screws should be driven into the wooden poles so that the plastic screw caps sit flush on top the wood. This process helps provide more safety for kids.
  5. Edges and Sanding - The wooden parts should not be left sharp. It should be sanded smooth to avoid any harm to the children. Also, it is important to keep the edges and corners rounded. This helps to prevent the wood from breaking into tiny pieces. Moreover, this also prevents kids from minor skin cuts.
  6. Coatings - It is recommended to cover or coat the chains with a soft material. For instance, trapeze bar chains should be coated with plastisol for a safe and easy grip without any pinching. To prevent your child from getting hurt, it is necessary for you to keep your chains coated with soft material.
  7. Stain or Sealer - It is necessary to maintain wood’s natural beauty. To maintain the wood’s originality and forestall splintering or cracking, apply a semi-transparent stain or a clear wood sealer. Use this technique once a year for maintaining your slides and swings.
  8. Maintenance – It is suggested to check your wooden swings and slides on a regular basis to avoid any damage to the play set. Maintaining your swing set is a crucial part of having kids playing safely. So, it is better to maintain your swing and slides timely so that there is no damage in your swings set. This includes tightening the screws and caps and making sure the ground anchors or legs are firmly secured to the ground.
  9. Upkeep – It is important to keep an eye on the accessories, especially the ropes. It is recommended to replace them if needed. Also, check the galvanised hanging swing brackets. Replace them too if required if the appear worn or faulty.
  10. Replenish – Ensure the filling of wood mulch or chip bark. This refilling should be practiced regularly as it will deteriorate over the years. 


Wooden swings and slides are the best physical helpers in the growth of kids in this digital era. They are a very important part of the development of kids. Also, they provide educational benefits ranging from physical development to social connection. So, it is important for parents to check and look for any damage in the swings and slides and repair them.

Wooden Swings and Slides are an incredible method for children to be active and have fun while getting schooled and building important skills. Titan Toys has brought a wide range of wooden swings and slide playsets that are constructed with safety in mind and provide a lot of benefits.

Parents or guardians should pay attention to all the edges and corners of the wooden swings and slides so that no child is hurt. It is to keep in mind that inspecting swing sets after winter is very important. Most damages occur during winters and it is important to coat and seal the wooden swings and slides for the safety of the kids. Also, with time the level of the surface might not be plain. So, it is your responsibility to look after that and level up the surface. Thus, this blog has presented you with Tips and Tricks to Maintain the look and durability of your Wooden Swing and Slide set.

FAQs on Tips & Tricks to Maintain The Look & Durability of Wooden Swing & Slides

Question1. Why is it important to maintain wooden swings and slides?

Answer. It is important to maintain wooden swings and slides over time as they get damaged as the season changes.  With changing seasons and weather, especially before and after winters, wooden swings and slides tend to have damage. So, it is important to check the playsets properly to ensure the safety of the kids.

Question2. What are the factors that I need to keep in mind while maintaining the wooden swing playset?

Answer. There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind while maintaining the wooden swing playset. You need to check all the edges and corners so that there is no splintering of the wood. Also, keep a check on the wooden mulch. It is advised to keep refilling it as it is likely to deteriorate over the years.

Question3. Do I need to coat the chains of my swings?

Answer. Coating the chains of the swing is important. Cover it with soft material such as plastisol so that it does not pinch your child and the child does not get hurt.

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