Electric vs Petrol Kids Cars: Why Electric Cars Are Better

Electric vs Petrol Kids Cars: Why Electric Cars Are Better - Forget fumes and ditch noisy engines - the future of ride-on cars is electric. It’s a perfect mode to supercharge your kid’s playtime, improve their motor skills, and, more importantly, craft a sustainable environment. If you are on the hunt to find more benefits of electric ride-on cars, then you have landed on the right page - Uncovering Electric vs Petrol Kids Cars: Why Electric Cars Are Better. Let’s delve into the thrilling adventure of ride-on cars!

Do you know? According to the report published by the RAC Foundation, It is recorded to have been accountable for around 28% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK in 2022, mostly through the emission of carbon dioxide in the petrol and diesel road transportation options. So, if you are still thinking about shopping for petrol cars for your kids, then you should switch to electric ride-on cars to offer endless fun and entertainment for your kids and the betterment of “Mother Earth”.

Electric vs Petrol Kids Cars: Why Electric Cars Are Better

Below we have compiled all the significant reasons why you should consider Titan Toys electric ride-on cars over petrol cars for your little explorers.

So, buckle up!

1.  Electric Kid's Cars Are Environmentally Friendly

One of the leading benefits of opting for Titan Toys electric cars for your kids is they are better for the environment. No fuel is required to operate the kids' electric cars. These are the champions for sustainability and zero emissions, ensuring your little ones a wonderful and eco-friendly ride. On the flip side, it is impossible to accept the idea of sustainability and zero pollution from petrol kids' cars.

2. Safer than Petrol Kid's Cars

When it comes to the safety of your young drivers, Titan Toys never takes it lightly. With R/C parental control features, fewer moving parts, and no flammable fuels, parents can feel relaxed and confident that their child is enjoying a smooth, safe, and eco-friendly ride. From SUVs to buggies, Titan Toys' range of kid ride-on cars is strategically designed with the finest quality materials and latest techniques and can easily combat the harsh elements and handle the kick or punch of your active children.

3. Electric Kid's Cars are way more affordable than Petrol Kid's Cars

Yes, you heard and read right. Titan Toys electric kid’s cars are cheaper than opting for petrol kids cars. With advanced parts, no engine, and no oil, our ride-on cars come at reasonable prices and offer more thrilling rides than petrol kids' cars. Say goodbye to the petrol station, and say hello to eco-friendly kids' playtime without breaking the bank with Titan Toys ride cars.

4. Easier To Maintain Than Gas-powered Kid’s Cars

Chill parents! You don’t have to visit your local mechanic regularly to fix your little racer’s electric cars. Our cars are easy to clean and maintain, saving you both time and money to offer your child a long-hour ride. Whereas, the costs of petrol kids cars are expensive and demand specific maintenance. Titan Toys ride-on cars are equipped with advanced voltage rechargeable batteries and offer the ultimate run time of 60-90 minutes. With just a simple plug-in, you can recharge it anytime and anywhere to make them ready for the next adventure!

5. Less sound, High Fun

Petrol kids' cars emit exhaust fumes as well as that ear-splitting noise that harms the tiny ears of your kids, however Titan Toys ride-on cars are designed with silent operating techniques, ensuring the young adventures a smooth, healthy, focused, and realistic ride. Kids and parents, both will love it.

Other Exciting Features of Titan Toys Electric Cars That You Will Not Find in Petrol Kid’s Cars


  • Comfortable, smooth, and easy-to-clean seats
  • Offer your kids a fascinating and memorable ride with built-in music and a USB feature
  • Extra fun run time of around 60-90 minutes
  • High voltage 12v and 24v options and an effortlessly rechargeable battery with top-notch durability
  • Available in both single-seater and two-seater options
  • Are colour options available? Yes.
  • High-quality and noise-reduction tyres
  • Hassle-free and real access to opening doors

Winding Up!

So that was the wrap of the Electric vs Petrol Kids Cars: Why Electric Cars Are Better. Every year, pollution hits the new index, and the fuel vehicles running on the roads are the leading reason behind this unwanted growth. If you want to introduce your child to a new and exciting world with easy to clean, low-maintenance, less money, zero sound, and more importantly without harming the priceless environment, then it’s better to choose electric kids' cars instead of those expensive, noisy and eco-enemy vehicles.

If you have read this far, then what are you waiting for? Unlock the way to a joyous adventure and offer your kids an eco-friendly and memorable playtime with Titan Toys. Shop Now!

People May Also Ask For Electric vs Petrol Kids Cars: Why Electric Cars Are Better

Q1: Why electric kids' cars are better than petrol kids' cars?

Ans: Many reasons make electric cars a much better option than petrol cars. First of all, electric cars emit zero carbon dioxide and don’t create air pollution. Secondly, they are more affordable than petrol cars. Electric cars are easier to maintain than petrol-powered toy cars. Also, they are easy to recharge and generate less noise.

Q2: What is the price range of Titan Toys Electric cars?

Ans: Titan Toys electric cars are one of the fabulous choices to offer your kids ultimate hours of fun and entertainment. The price of our cars can range from £139 to £549.

Q3: What are the pros of electric kids' cars?

Ans: Below are the top pros of electric kids' cars :

  • Fuel savings.
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Top-notch performance
  • Low cost
  • Less noisy

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