Top 10 Friendly Challenges or Competitions You Can Host on Trampolines

Top 10 Friendly Challenges or Competitions You Can Host on Trampolines - Trampolines have long been associated with entertainment. Bouncing on a trampoline, whether as a kids or an adult, provides a wonderful feeling of freedom. But why should you limit your trampoline time to just jumping up and down? This blog post will take a look at the Top 10 Friendly Challenges or Competitions You Can Host on Trampolines. These activities will not only provide unlimited entertainment but will also improve the physical health and engagement of the participants. So, let's dive into the realm of trampoline challenges!

Active play is a vital element of a kid’s development, influencing coordination, strength, and even healthy exercise patterns later in life. Titan Toys offers best friendly challenges or competitions that you can hold on the trampoline in this blog article. These trampoline challenges can add an extra layer of excitement to your outdoor experiences, whether you're looking for ideas to liven up a family celebration, or just a weekend hangout. 

What are the most effective trampoline safety tips?

Although trampolines have been designed to be safer than before, you should still take precautions. Here are some trampoline safety guidelines for kids. Before your children play, read these rules with them and remind them of the importance of trampoline safety.

  • On trampolines, adult supervision is always necessary.
  • Check that your trampoline is in a clear, level area and free from trees, electric lines, or other equipment hazards.
  • Gymnastic movements or stunts, such as somersaults or flips must be carried out by experienced users only.
  • Never let your child bounce off a trampoline.
  • Stay close to trampolines to prevent small children from jumping unsupervised.
  • Use the safety net around your trampoline at all times.
  • Always carefully read the safety materials and weight limitation that comes with your trampoline.

Top 10 Friendly Challenges or Competitions You Can Host on Trampolines 

Today's kids love to jump around, although some may need more targeted instructions to begin with. This article will discuss the Top 10 Friendly Challenges or Competitions You Can Host on Trampolines

Bounce-off Contest

Invite your friends and family to a bounce-off contest. The rules are simple: Participants take turns bouncing on the trampoline, and the person who can keep bouncing the longest without stopping wins. You can also spice things up by having participants perform moves or specific routines while jumping.

Lion in the middle

This classic keep-away game becomes more enjoyable on a trampoline than it usually is when played on solid ground. Requires a ball or plush animal and three or more participants. Choose one player to stand as the "monkey" in the centre of the trampoline for the round. Gather the remaining players around you. When the game begins, players bounce a ball or stuffed animal towards each other across the trampoline, attempting to keep the ball away from the Lion in the centre. When the Lion finally catches the ball, the person who most recently tossed it becomes the new Lion, and the game is repeated.

Trampoline dodgeball

Because it requires more coordination than the basic version, dodgeball is one of the greatest trampoline games for older kids. Play with soft foam balls to keep everyone safe! Choose one of the teams to jump on the trampoline. Allow the remaining players to stand with a limited number of dodgeballs. While one team jumps, the other team shoots, scoring a point for each jumper hit. After the shooting team has thrown all of its dodgeballs, the teams trade places.

Obstacle course challenge

A trampoline obstacle course will test your agility and coordination. Create a series of trampoline-related challenges, such as bouncing from one end to the other, crawling under low nets, and jumping over inflatable obstacles. Time each participant to see who can complete the course in the least time. You can be creative with the obstacles and change the difficulty level to suit the ages and abilities of the participants.

Trampoline Relay Race

Trampoline relay races are a great way to have fun with your friends and family. Participants can be divided into teams of two or more, and each team must complete a set of trampoline tasks in a certain period of time. Responsibilities can range from jumping to performing stunts or playing games. To make relay races more difficult, incorporate physical activities like running, jumping, or even somersaults.

Freeze Tag on Trampolines

On trampolines, take the classic game of Freeze Tag to a whole new level. "It" person must tag other participants by touching them. Once tagged, players must remain frozen in place until another player tags them to unfreeze them. The game continues until everyone is frozen or the timer runs out. It's a fast-paced, high-flying version of the standard Freeze Tag game.

Trampoline volleyball

Trampoline volleyball is a great way to stay healthy while having fun with your friends and family. On the trampoline, bounce the volleyball back and forth. Toss the volleyball in the air and try to bounce and spike it onto the trampoline net. If you have a few people who aren't jumping (outside the trampoline net) but want to participate then this is a great game to play.

Trampoline Hot Potato

This game is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and burn calories. You will need at least four players, music, a bean bag, a water balloon, a stuffed animal, or an actual potato to serve as the "hot potato." Request that players form a circle on the trampoline. When the music starts, participants rapidly toss "potatoes" toward each other. To make it more exciting, make players jump while throwing the object. When the music ends the person carrying the hot potato is out of the game. Anyone who drops an item is eliminated. The winner is the last person standing.

Balloon Pop Challenge

Attaching balloons to the surface of the trampoline is a fun and colourful challenge. Participants have to bounce on the trampoline and pop as many balloons as they can in the allotted time. This game can be used to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions with confetti and entertainment.

Trampoline tug of war

A great way to stay active and have fun with your friends and family is to play trampoline tug of war. Players are divided into two teams and must use the trampoline to try to pull the opposing team off. To make the game more difficult, add obstacles such as hula hoops or cones that players must avoid while attempting to pull the opposing team.


Trampolines are not only a source of unlimited entertainment, but they also serve as a platform for innovative and exciting challenges and competitions. These ten fun challenges and competitions can become an unforgettable experience for your friends and family. Remember to prioritize the safety of participants by monitoring them and providing adequate safety equipment. 

With these fun activities with the Titan Toys Airborne Trampolines, you can enhance your trampoline experience and create lasting memories. So be prepared to bounce, jump, and laugh for a memorable trampoline experience!

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