Go Wild Wooden Swing Set With XL Nest, Climbing Wall + 8ft Slide

Slide Colour: Yellow
Nest Swing Colour : Lime Green
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Introducing the Go Wild Wooden Swing Set with XL 120cm Nest, Climbing Wall + 8ft Slide, the ultimate playtime experience for your little ones! Designed to keep your kids active and entertained, this swing set is packed with features that will provide endless hours of fun.

The 8ft slide comes in two stunning colours and is attached to a wooden platform that doubles as a lookout tower. With a height of 1.2m, your little ones will feel on top of the world as they slide down. The XL nest swing is 120cm in diameter and made in one solid piece for additional strength and durability, ensuring your kids can swing safely for years to come.

The climbing frame is equipped with a climbing wall aided with a 2 metre knotted thick pull up rope, and on the other side of the climbing wall, there's a cargo net, providing a variety of climbing challenges for your little adventurers.

The Go Wild Wooden Swing Set is built to last, with up to 15% thicker treated wood than other models online and FSC approved timber. This means you can be confident that your children are playing on a safe and durable structure that will last for years.

We also include free wooden ground anchors to secure the swing set firmly in place, providing additional stability and peace of mind. The thick steel powder-coated A-frame brackets and solid galvanized hanging brackets ensure the set is sturdy and durable, and the wooden frames come with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Invest in the Go Wild Wooden Swing Set with XL Nest, Climbing Wall + 8ft Slide today and give your kids the ultimate playtime experience. This wooden swing set, wooden climbing frame, and swing and slide set will provide endless hours of entertainment and physical activity for your little ones. Order now and watch your kids Go Wild with excitement!


Key features of the Go Wild Wooden Swing Set With XL Nest, Climbing Wall + 8ft Slide


  • FREE wooden ground anchors
  • XL 120cm nest swing made of solid metal construction for strength and longevity
  • 8ft slide available in two stunning colours (blue or yellow) attached to a wooden platform with a height of 1.2m, which doubles as a lookout tower
  • Climbing wall with a 2-meter knotted thick pull-up rope and cargo net on the other side
  • Made of up to 15% thicker treated wood than other models online and is FSC approved timber
  • Thick steel powder-coated A-frame brackets and solid galvanized hanging brackets for attaching swing accessories
  • Wooden frame comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to read assembly instructions


These features make the Go Wild Wooden Swing Set With XL Nest, Climbing Wall + 8ft Slide a versatile and exciting outdoor playset that will keep your children entertained for hours while encouraging them to enjoy the great outdoors.


Weight limits for each accessory on the Go Wild Wooden Double Swing Set With Climbing Wall Cargo Net + 8ft Slide


  • 120cm Nest Swing Seat holds up to 200kg
  • Slide holds up to 100kg
  • Knotted Rope up to 200kg



Frame Dimensions at its widest points


  • Width  300cm
  • Depth With Slide 356cm
  • Depth Excluding Slide 202cm
  • Height 227cm


These weight limits ensure that your kids can safely enjoy all the different features of the swing set without any worry. Plus, with the sturdy construction of the swing set, you can be confident that it will be able to support your children as they play and grow.


Please note that some of our wooden poles have minor splits and cracks . This is completely normal and these will appear / disappear depending on the time of year and weather, 

wood is a natural product and is ever changing. This does not in any way affect the strength and durability of the structure,  This is the reason we are confident in providing a lifetime warranty on the wooden frame of our outdoor swing sets. 


Price includes FREE UK mainland delivery 


Assembly Required - Approx. 2 hours 

Tools Required - Preferably A Drill ( Screwdriver)  

Technical Specification

  • Top Beam Thickness 100mm
  • Height Adjusting Ropes
  • Support Leg Thickness 80mm
  • FREE Ground Anchors
  • Galvanised Hanging Brackets
  • Side Support Beams
  • Powder Coated A-Frame Brackets
  • Total Height 227cm
  • Pressure Treated  FSC Timber
  • Total Width  300cm
  • Lifetime Warranty On Frame
  • Total Depth 356cm
  • XL Nest Swing
  • Lookout Platform
  • 8ft Slide  100kg Weight Load
  • Brand - Go Wild
  • Climbing Wall With Cargo Net
  • Knotted Climbing Rope

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Evans
Great quality, great service and a great family run business.

Absolutely chuffed (happy) with this, my daughter loves it and will get many years out of this. They are definitely confident in the quality since it comes with an actual life time guarantee on the frame. Not seen anyone else offer this. Brilliant, well worth it. Family business which is great and they were brilliant to help me with getting the right one for my daughter. Definitely recommend this item and this Family company.

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