Top April Showers Activities for Kids by Titan Toys

Top April Showers Activities for Kids by Titan Toys - Hey there, fellow parents. As we all know, the very wet April Showers in the UK can be a little bit miserable! but still, your child’s fun and entertainment should remain unstoppable. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Top April Shower Activities for Kids by Titan Toys offering an unforgettable playtime which will have your kids giggling with glee!

“Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day” - ❌

“Hello Rain, We Have Titan Toys, So, Let’s Play” -✔️

The term April Showers” is different for every person. “I love April showers” is something not mentioned by many of you. Many people don’t like it because they have to walk or run in wet conditions and also drive their vehicle on wet flooded roads. But on the contrary, most kids love playing in the pitter-patter raindrops, gathered clouds and a fresh air breeze.

When it comes to ‘April showers’ activities for kids, there are also plenty of exciting activities (except making paper boats). This season, let’s elevate your kids’ playtime with a splash of downpours, create timeless memories and make their rainy April the best season ever with Titan Toys!

Top Activities for Kids by Titan Toys - Add April shower Madness To Your Kid’s Playtime

Let your kid’s imagination turn to reality and explore new modes to enjoy this wonderful season!

1. Create a Racing Adventure

Who says rainy days are the boring days? Children love their vehicles, whether it’s an electric car or truck. Once our ride-on cars enter your home, you will find your children exploring the home or surroundings with them. So, don’t let the rain stop your kid’s adventure.

Grab those electric ride-on cars and let the races begin! Transform your living rooms into a race track or head towards the garden for a muddy off-track race (when there is no heavy rainfall or thunderstorm). You can use cardboard for writing scores, black and white papers for track and paper-made red and green flags to create a complete car racing set-up.

2.  Swinging in Raining

When it comes to outdoor play, there are dozens of options to make the kids joyful, healthy and active, but there is something unique and irreplaceable about wooden swing sets. Don’t believe us? Take your little explorers to the park, most of the time, they will run towards the swing to enjoy swinging. When the fresh April shower season begins, it’s time to swing into action! Titan Toys' range of Go Wild wooden swing sets is the perfect addition to your back garden, revitalizing with fresh raindrops and offering endless hours of fun and entertainment to your kids. Let them introduce the feeling of swinging in the rain and wind, creating everlasting memories.

3. Have a slip-and-slide splash party

It's time to add some crazy wet fun to your kid’s sliding playtime. Install the Go Wild Wooden slide set by Titan Toys in your back garden and take that thrilling water ride home. Let your little adventurers slide and play with rain through the day, giggling with laughter as they make a splash landing at the bottom. Titan Toys wooden slide sets are crafted with high-end and extra hard timber, extending their lifetime for years to come. So, don’t forget to invite your kid’s little buddies to a slip-and-slide splash party!

4.  Indoor Treasure Hunt

The transition of from winter to April showers is unpredictable. What happens if there is heavy rainfall outside, you can plan some fun activities indoors, providing your kids a non-stop laughter and entertainment. Bring the excitement indoors with a range of creative activities. Set up your living area or hall that aligns with the theme of “Let’s find treasure”.

You can use your household items such as cushions, and blankets, as the mountains or caves, kid’s friendly wooden sticks for symbols, and papers to write clues. Let your children discover the treasure by riding in their cars. It is a perfect opportunity to offer your kids indoor April Shower adventures with a touch of creativity.

5. Unveil The April Shower Movie Magic

Transform your hall or living room into a cinematic set-up and let the combo of April Showers and movie adventure begin! You can choose a screen, if you have one, or white sheets, or a blanket as movie screen alternatives. Pick your children's favourite adventurous movie, and set up the ear-friendly volume. They will be sitting in the comfort of their own cars. Don’t forget to make some kid-friendly snacks to offer them a thrilling movie time on those heavy rainy days.

Winding Up!

So that was the wrap of the Top April Showers Activities for Kids by Titan Toys. Adding the wet downpour vibes to your kid’s playtime can offer them joyous and awesome playing memories. From racing adventures to indoor movie time, several ‘April Showers’ activities offer your kids infinite fun and entertainment.


Q1: Do you offer the wooden play set containing a slide and swing?

Ans: Yes, we also offer classic wooden playsets that offer your kid both a sliding and swinging experience. Check out our Go Wild Swing Set with a 60cm Nest, Climbing Wall, Trapeze & 8ft Slide and know their premium features like the type of materials used, weight capacity, colour options, and so on.

Q2: Are your wooden swing sets easy to install?

Ans: Of course, the process of installing our wooden swing set is effortless and less time-consuming. No additional and expensive tool is required except a screwdriver and drill which is easily available in every household. Furthermore, you can also follow clear and user-friendly step-by-step picture instructions that come with all our wooden play sets.

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