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How to Make the Most of Snowy Days for kids - Snowy days are children's dreams! Most kids would love to take a whole day off school to play in the snow. But snowy days aren't always easy for parents. Parents often have work or household responsibilities to attend to.

While we all support getting kids outside, we also understand that, in some situations, indoor play and activities are just as essential. We're sharing tips and activities for How to Make the Most of Snowy Days for Kids with you today! With so many fun activities to choose from, this comprehensive list of suggestions will help you and your kids stay active, creative, and screen-free during a snow day.

Top 10 Activities for Kids to Make the Most of Snowy Days with Titan Toys

Snow days can be a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together and have some fun. But what should you do to make the most of these days? With a range of Titan Toys, you and your family can enjoy a variety of winter activities right in your own garden. Here are Top 10 Activities for Kids to Make the Most of Snowy Days with Titan Toys:

Take a Ride with Licensed Ride-on Cars

Take the fun outside with one of Titan Toys Licensed Ride-on Cars. These powerful vehicles are perfect for taking a spin around your garden in the snow. These Ride-On Cars allow kids to explore their winter wonderland while developing crucial motor skills and coordination. Whether it's navigating through snow-covered paths or creating mini racetracks, licensed ride-on cars add an extra layer of fun to snowy days.

Thrilling Rides on 24V Ride-On Cars & UTV Buggies

Take the excitement up a notch with powerful 24V ride-on cars and UTV buggies. These electric vehicles are equipped to handle the challenging terrains of snowy landscapes, offering kids an exhilarating ride through the winter wonderland. With their sturdy build and impressive battery life, 24V ride-on cars and UTV buggies ensure hours of snowy escapades.

Cruising in Kid's Electric Cars

Kids' electric cars are not only a source of joy for little ones but also an excellent way to encourage outdoor play during winter. With their user-friendly controls and realistic designs, kids' electric cars provide a safe and enjoyable mode of transportation through snow-covered paths, making snowy days even more magical.

Create a Winter Wonderland 

Transform your garden into a winter wonderland with our range of wooden swing and slide sets. With a variety of designs and features, you can create a playground that your kids and their friends will love. The snowy backdrop adds a scenic touch to the traditional playground setup, and kids can enjoy a combination of swinging and sliding while surrounded by the beauty of winter.

Adventurous Descents with Stand-Alone Slides

Stand-alone slides are versatile additions to winter play. Placed strategically on snowy hills, these slides offer kids the thrill of adventurous descents. The cold snow provides a smooth surface, turning each slide into a delightful journey down the hill.

Bouncing Fun on Trampolines

Keep the kids active and entertained with our selection of Airborne trampolines. Our 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft trampolines are perfect for the winter months. Winter doesn't mean kids have to stay indoors. Trampolines, designed for outdoor use, are perfect for snowy days. Bouncing on a trampoline surrounded by glistening snowflakes can be an exhilarating experience, promoting both physical activity and a connection with nature.

Enhance Swing Sets with Winter-Friendly Add-Ons

Swing sets are timeless favourites among kids, and winter provides an opportunity to enhance them with snow-friendly add-ons. Consider adding cozy blankets to the swings or even turning them into winter hammocks for a unique and comfortable snowy experience.

Snowy Obstacle Courses with UTV Buggies and Ride-On Cars

Create snowy obstacle courses using UTV buggies and ride-on cars. Set up cones, tunnels, and ramps in the snow to challenge kids' manoeuvring skills. This activity not only entertains but also promotes creativity and problem-solving.

Snow Sculpting and Decorating Electric Cars

Turn kid's electric cars into works of art by allowing children to decorate them with snow sculptures. Whether it's turning the car into a snowmobile or adding snow accessories, this activity combines creativity with the joy of winter play.

Winter Wonderland Treasure Hunt

Organize a winter treasure hunt using ride-on cars, buggies, and other outdoor toys. Hide winter-themed treasures around the garden and let the kids embark on a snowy adventure to find them. This activity combines the excitement of exploration with the thrill of discovery.

So don't let the snow stop you from having fun! With Titan Toys, you and your family can make the most of these snowy days and keep active and entertained. Visit the Titan Toys website today to find the perfect products for you.

Tips for Kids to Make the Most of Snowy Days  

As winter's frosty embrace sets in, it's time to embrace the magic of the season with your little ones. Instead of huddling indoors, encourage outdoor adventures that will not only keep them active but also create lasting memories. Here are the some tips for kids to make the most of snowy days – 

  • Build a Snowman - Gather the kids and head outside to build a snowman. Equip them with bright and colourful clothing to dress up their frosty friend. This classic activity is not only fun but also sparks creativity as they design their snow companion.
  • Go Sledging - Bundle up in warm layers and grab a sled for some exhilarating fun. Find a nearby hill, and enjoy the thrill of speeding down together. Sledging is not only a great workout but also guarantees laughter and joy.
  • Have a Snowball Fight - Divide the kids into teams and let the snowball battle begin. Watch as their teamwork and strategic skills come into play. It's a fantastic way to burn off energy while enjoying the crisp winter air.
  • Have a Winter Picnic - Bundle up in warm blankets, prepare some hot cocoa, and venture outside for a winter picnic. Choose a scenic spot, and enjoy the tranquillity of the winter landscape while indulging in tasty treats.
  • Go Ice Skating -If there's a local ice rink, take the kids for a day of gliding and twirling on the ice. It's a perfect opportunity for them to try a classic winter activity and enjoy some quality family time.

This winter, step outside the comfort of your home and into a world of frosty adventures with your kids. Whether you're building snowmen, engaging in snowball fights, or enjoying a peaceful winter picnic, these activities promise laughter, bonding, and a winter season filled with cherished moments. Embrace the magic of winter and create memories that will warm your hearts for years to come.


Making the most of snowy days with Titan Toys can be a great way to keep kids entertained, while also encouraging physical activity and outdoor exploration. With electric cars for kids, wooden swings and slides sets, and trampolines, there's something to suit everyone. Whether you're looking for something to keep your little ones entertained or you want to invest in something that will last for years, Titan Toys has it all. With quality products and excellent customer service, you can be sure that you'll be getting your money's worth when you shop with them. So, make the most of the snow and get your hands on some of their amazing products today!

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