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How To Encourage Kids Role-Playing Through Using Ride-On Electric Cars, And Why It Is So Beneficial To Them - Children learn through play and since role-playing comes with many benefits to their natural development, it is recommended to encourage this type of play as much as possible. Using children's electric ride on cars is an excellent way of assisting them while making outdoor play exciting and adventurous.

What is the deal with kids and role-playing?

Kids start at an early age to role-play and make up their little games and stories. It may be using actual toys as props or it could be playing out a live show at home in the living room in front of the family. 

Child with toy kitchen
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They primarily do this to explore everything that is going on around them, in the real world. Take, for example, a kid's toy kitchen. They have seen adults in the real kitchens, cooking, doing the dishes, baking or chopping up vegetables. As soon as they start playing with their toy kitchen, they will imitate whatever they have observed. 

It will start with small activities such as moving items between the cupboards but as they develop and start comprehending more of what is happening in the world around them, their imaginary play will also expand to more complicated tasks like chopping their wooden vegetables. 

Kids love this type of play but amazingly, it comes with so many additional benefits too.

Why we should be encouraging the little ones?

Learn from play

As we have seen, kids learn from play. These days there is so much pressure on kids to learn the alphabet and count at an increasingly earlier age. Consider how some kids are only 4 when they start school, compared to Scandinavian countries where they are between 6 and 7. That is 2 years of missing out on learning from play! Let them build towers and count the different blocks or go out and count all the red cars they see passing by the nursery! 

Kids pretending to speak on the phone
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Pick up social situation skills

Role-play is also a fantastic way to learn important skills and how to deal with social situations. They can learn what is expected of them when going to a shop through role-playing and pretending that they are themselves going to purchase something, handing over the money and receive a change. 

Communication skills

It will also improve their communication skills as you are constantly having conversations around what they are doing through their play. Having adults playing with them will increase their vocabulary even further.


Consider empathy and how role-play could help the kids become more aware of it. If you are playing doctor and taking turns to be the patient, you will have a great opportunity to show empathy towards the hurt patient.

Learn new routines

Role-play can be utilised when children are learning new routines. For example, if they are due to start going to sleep on their own in their room, role-play could be used to go through what the child can expect to be happening later on that evening. This may help them feel less worried through a sense of recognising the situation. Maybe it could be used to practice morning routines to get away on time or possibly when potty training!

Future dreams

How often do children get the question "what do you want to be when you grow up"? Role-playing will help them explore different professions and career options through acting out the different situations and tasks that normally involves these. All kids should be told to dream big! That they can become anything they set their mind to! This type of pretend play will prepare them for the future!

Boy playing rockstar
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Kids play therapists

There is a reason why kids' therapists are using role-play within their play therapy. Although there are different traditions within child psychotherapy, they are connected in the way of believing that children through play, communicate blocked out experiences, desires and emotions. 

Some role-play ideas using kids' electric cars and other outdoor toys.

So does your child dream about becoming the next formula 1 star? Or is there a big interest in taking care of animals? Who has not at some time in their childhood pretended to be police catching bad guys!

There are kids' electric ride-on cars that have been developed and designed soecifically to assist children in their role-play. Here are some examples and it is also worth noting that these three cars come with matching costumes.

  • Dinosaur Ranger Jeep - A kids jeep that is designed to allow kids to imagine they are in the middle of their own Jurassic Park movie! They can pretend to be driving on a safari where the dinosaurs are roaming free. Or maybe the more dangerous dinosaurs are locked in cages and when one of them accidentally opens up, the child Dino Ranger has to drive quickly to safety? 
    Kids dinosaur ranger electric jeep girl with costume
  • Vet Rescue Jeep - Let the kids play with their pets, pretend they are hurt and in need of being rescued. Here is a video of a girl dressed up as a vet and rushing to help a little chihuahua. Maybe their little teddy cat fell down the tree and has to be taken quickly to the animal hospital? Some kids might dream about working at a zoo so they can pretend to drive around the grounds in their jeep taking care of the animals and doing their health checks.
    girl dressed as vet nurse in electric vet rescue jeep
    Police Swat Jeep - This electric kid's police car lets the kids explore what it is like to be part of a car chase to catch the bad guys. This is helping kids learn to differentiate between what is right and wrong while playing and having fun! A great chance for adults to spend quality time by taking part in the play. Maybe by dressing up as the thief or the innocent bystander who just had their lollipop stolen!
    girl in police costume driving kids electric police swat car

It is so important to participate in the play whenever we can, to strengthen the bond between carer and child! Something that is being discussed here in this blog article. 

The role-play possibilities with kids' electric ride-on cars are endless! Let their imagination and creativity run wild! When you realise all the benefits this type of play comes with, it is hard to resist doing anything you can to assist them with it.  

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