Toys and how they help your child develop

From birth gentle play such as “peek a-boo”, to full on rough and tumble is vital in your child’s development. Play, whether solo or in groups, imaginary or with toys is absolutely essential to children’s health and development. Toddlers and kids from 2 years upwards learn so much about their world, who they are and who is important in their world.

Play with toys of all sorts is a natural part of early childhood and allows them to be imaginative, creative and free to express themselves.

In past years many toys have been marketed in a stereotypical way, “dolls” for girls and “lego” for boys. Thankfully times have changed and kids of any gender and age can play with any type of toy including “ride-on cars” or “Princesses” without fear or judgement. Boys and girls can pretend to be fire fighters, police officers, soldiers and doctors and so on. And there is no better toy than a ride-on car for kids to help kids be who they wish to be!


Outdoor play with toys and ride-on cars allows kids to enjoy their own environment and encourage fresh air and activity. When outdoors children will naturally become more energetic and physical promoting better overall health. At home children may tend to want to play with devices or watch TV, more than traditional toys leading to a more sedentary lifestyle. Kids who play outdoors with toys including ride-on toys are much more likely to grow into active adults who enjoy the great outdoors.


In childcare, at school and at home, kids need to learn the importance of learning basic social skills such as good manners, respect and sharing. Our ride-on cars are a great way of helping kids nurture these skills. In our 2-seater electric ride-on cars for kids, they can take turns at being the passenger and driver, they can compromise on what music to play, they can learn respect for other road users. Toys like ride-on cars are ideal for encouraging social play.


How many of us over indulge our kids with new toys week after week? Have you a house full of toys and most are never played with? Many children have so many toys they become overwhelmed and end up playing with very few of them. The beauty of a ride-on car for kids is that the investment made will be well worth it. Your kids will have endless hours of play on this toy. If you are looking to gift this toy for a child in your life, but it is a little too expensive, why not join forces with other family members to make it more affordable. The saying goes “Quality not quantity”. A ride on toy is a gift that keeps on giving. Us grown-ups can take care of our grown up cars, so if you look after this ride-on car, it will give endless joy to many kids if looked after well. Kids who are gifted a ride-on car may also understand the concept of “less IS more”

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