Are you about to buy your ride-on-car?


Congratulations on your decision to purchase what may be your first ride-on car for your child. It is not only a significant financial purchase, it is an investment that can assist in the healthy development of your child in so many ways. If you haven’t read our previous blog, it is worth a look.

Here at titan toys, we consider ourselves to be a ride-on car retailer that cares about selling safe, quality, well-built products to last and stand the test of time. We firmly believe that a happy customer is worth its weight in gold. So let’s run through some important information.


The safety of your child is of course probably, possibly and really must be your biggest concern. Just like any wheeled toy, scooter or bicycle, ride-on toys will always involve a small level of risk. Why not make sure your child looks and keeps safe by wearing a helmet and protective knee and elbow pads. 

As the saying goes prevention is better than the cure!


Titan toys began when two brothers Riche and Alex were being let down by various online stores who offered overpriced, poor quality products, with unrealistic delivery timescales. We have sourced our ride-on toys from China, (where there is a huge variance of quality), and meet UK Safety standards. If you purchase an electric ride-on car from Titan toys, we assure you that our products are of a superior quality and are built to withstand big mileage and road trips!

When your vehicle arrives, always make sure the car is stable, and that the battery enclosure is fully secured. Don’t forget for the youngest little drivers and passengers make sure all small parts are not loose and don’t provide a choking hazard.  


The joy of a ride-on car is the option to use indoors or outdoors, they are suitable for most terrains. Don’t forget to plan ahead and charge your ride-on car in advance of a well anticipated road trip. There is nothing worse than a flat battery just as you are about to leave the house. 


Should your little one have their heart set on a particular vehicle that may not be age appropriate for them just now, it is important to consider which of our ride-on vehicles is most suitable. For example our bestselling “Range Rover” 12V electric ride on car is a single seated, most suited for 3-5 year olds, so perhaps this model for a tall 5 year old may not be the wisest choice. Similarly, our slightly more powerful “Vulcan” 24V off road ride-on car may be too much to handle for a 3 year old whose motor skills are still developing. Our staff will be on hand to assist you should you need guidance.


When you browse through the features of the titan toys ride-on car range, one feature common to most cars is the MP3 connection. MP3 functionality can add that touch of magic to kids when playing alone or in a group. We always suggest that you compare like for like when looking at ride-on electric cars for kids. A short term saving may mean losing out to some terrific features on your choice of car.


We strive to make Titan Toys an enjoyable shopping experience thus we are happy to offer a warranty on all our fantastic ride on products to keep children entertained! 

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