So what toy should I buy for a new baby?

Whether you are expecting a new arrival or are browsing for a gift for a new baby, buying a suitable gift can be a daunting experience. There are so many toys to choose from and going into a large toy store is perhaps too overwhelming for many of us. So, how DO you choose a toy that will grow with your child, challenge him or her and encourage, thinking, language and social skills? Here at Titan Toys, we believe that the most important factors to consider should be the following:

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Is it going to be used?

Most parents will say that their kids have too many toys, do you want to add to the clutter by buying a toy that may never see the light of day? It is important to consider that the toy you purchase will be enjoyed not just for 4 months, but perhaps 4 years or more. Is the toy multi-functional? Will it provide hours of fun to help with developing their motor skills, socialisation? We are confident that a ride-on car or buggy from Titan Toys will provide hours, days and years of fun for your little one. Finally, check with the parents to make sure they have the space!

Is it safe?

It is very important to choose toys that are age appropriate. Babies and toddlers have no concept of danger, are certainly not road aware and will automatically be risk averse. If you do choose a toy for a small baby or toddler, it is important to consider any loose parts that may be a choking hazard, always make sure you talk the company you wish to buy from to make sure your chosen toy is age appropriate and safe. Titan Toys staff will always be on hand to guide you as to which product is suitable.

Treat each child is an individual.

Even at an early age, it is quite likely you will see the personality of your little one develop and grow. Does he or she like the great outdoors and dinosaurs? Does he or see prefer reading and soft play? Are they shy or outgoing? Perhaps you can consider a gift or product that will nurture their personality and confidence. 

Choose quality gifts to last the test of time.

Now more than ever, we need to be more mindful of waste. Perhaps we should consider a toy that is built to last, a toy that can be used for years, is highly valued and can be handed down to other children over time. Titan toys have made sure to source well-built quality toys and ride-on cars that will offers several miles of fun and enjoyment.

Screen time

It may be idealistic to think that we can keep our babies, toddlers and younger kids away from screens and devices. It has been suggested by many professionals that screen time is avoided if possible and certainly limited to a very short time for younger children. The benefits of avoiding these toys for as long as possible will greatly enhance your child’s ability to play and learn through imagination and experience.

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