Lamborghini car for kid

This ride-on supercar is a very popular kid’s vehicle due to the fact that no matter where you park your little supercar, it draws envious looks and gasps from kids and grown-ups!

Turn your back garden or front drive into your own personal “Monaco” the undisputed home of Supercars and Lamborghinis. Available in Hot Pink or vibrant blue, this little 2-seater gem is priced very competitively at just £219 , and even better news can be financed by paying 3 interest free instalments of £73. Click here to BUY NOW!


  • Currently delivered in two working days!
  • Superb value for such a styish ride-on vehicle
  • Easy payment plan.

Lamborghini stands for beautiful design, speed (OK so our 12V battery will slow things down a little!) and innovation. Here are some more fun facts about Lamborghini as a brand!

Did you know that Lamborghini designed a golf cart for the Vatican?

Did you know that there is a Lamborghini museum open to the public in Bologna Italy?

Did you know that there are over 7,000 Lamborghini supercars in the world right not?

So if you or your little one want to be of the Lamborghini owner’s club (even if it is the Kids ride-on vehicle in the short term!) Contact titan toys today to order yours! 

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