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I learned this past Spring holiday that you can plan as many activities, play dates, and surprises as you like, but if your child comes down with an illness, it does not matter. We had made loads of plans! Easter egg hunts and cousins were finally going to see each other for the first time in months! But little did we know, that chickenpox has its prime time just around the Easter break! Maybe that is why Easter is all about chicken, chicks and eggs!

Chickenpox - At least it is over and done with!

Our kids were lucky to at least have each other to play with and not feel too bad apart from the first night. But the disappointment is real when you have to explain to a four-year-old that he will not be able to play with his best friend as planned because the friend has not had chickenpox yet. After all, it is very contagious.

What many people do not know, is that chickenpox has an incubation period of 1-3 weeks and the child will spread it from 2 days before the spots and symptoms even appear. Just have a look at the NHS website if you would like more information.

( on a side note, I realise that chickenpox is a very controversial subject as a few decades ago many parents even had chickenpox parties. This is only to make sure their kids had it at a young age, as it is seen as milder than for adults. However, today there are vaccines and there is always the unknown of how your kids actually will take it! Parents will know what is best for their families and there is enough information out there for them to make an informed decision.)

Be flexible!

As a parent, this is probably one of the first lessons we learn. The number of times we had made plans, maybe just even go for a walk, but after numerous nappy changes, wrong clothes on, kids being hungry, daddy deciding to go for a shower, we would just end up staying in! But it would be OK! If we want our kids to be flexible and accept when plans change, we need to be able to do the same. 

Our son struggled for a while because he had to know exactly what was going to happen every day. But the problem was that when anything changed, this affected him. We have been working on this and a new mantra we keep having in the family is "It does not matter". Only when it comes to simple things like, for example, him not getting to the nursery gate before all his friends! He has slowly learned that flexibility means he can do other things instead, like helping mummy scrape the windows of the car instead of being first. 

We were flexible every day during our week at home and based our activities on everyone's mood and energy levels. Additionally, we had to be flexible with our upcoming events as we had no way of knowing exactly how long these spots would be there.

flexibile calendar

So here we were! Stuck in the house with 2 kids, during one of the most exciting holidays of the year! So what do you do to deal with their disappointment?

Set the expectations for the kids

Do not give them any false hopes of being able to get out any sooner than what will be possible. As much as it might cheer them up at the time, they will only feel more disheartened the next day when being told that they still need to stay in.

See it as a bonus if they are lucky enough to feel better sooner and how happy they will be then instead!

Plan for indoor activities

Pinterest and Amazon (or any other online shopping platform) is your best friend! How lucky are we today that we can do almost anything from our home! 


If you have never heard of it or given it a try, it is a search engine where you, as a parent or caretaker of a child, can search for anything you need tips for! It is loaded with tips for activities, indoor play and suggestions for outdoor toys! It is a platform where bloggers, usually other parents, share from their own experiences what has worked for them!

Find something you like the sound of? Save it to your board so that you always can go back when you are stuck for things to do, or just need some inspiration on how to entertain your kids!

Tuff tray idea from pinterest

Here is a list of creative ideas found on Pinterest, for kids that love vehicles and kids' cars in particular:

🚓 Put all the paper from the shredder or sand in a sensory box or Tuff tray and let your kids use their construction vehicles to move it around.
🚙 Drip some different colour paints on a piece of paper for the kids to  drive cars around in to make a creatively beautiful painting!
    Painting with cars idea from Pinterest🚚 Take a big bucket and place some cars in it and fill it up with water.   Place it in the freezer until it's frozen solid. Take it out, and depending on the kid's age, give them appropriate tools to let them try and hack the cars out.
      • Cars in ice activity from Pinterest
      🚔 Create a car garage for hot wheels sized cars, by gluing together paper rolls side by side. 
      🛺 Mix cornflour and water and place a couple of cars in the tub and let the kids explore what happens.
      🚌 Set up a car wash station with a sponge, tub and soap and have the kids scrub their toys all shiny!

          Follow our Pinterest account and have a look at our saved pins and boards if you would like some more ideas!

          View other parents' shops on Amazon

          One thing I have realised lately is how much time you can save by following other parents who already have researched for you! There are loads of Instagram accounts by parents sharing their experiences, and many of them have links to their Amazon shops. The shops are often categorised to make it easy and quick for you to find the toys they recommend and have used for their kids. Obviously, you can use other merchants but Amazon often offer the next day delivery or in many cases even on the same day! 

          Next day delivery

          Go out if they are well enough!

          Our kids have loved having the kids ride on 6V quad in the house, where they have been taking turns chasing each other around. As the quad is relatively small and is easy to steer, it has worked well. Luckily, Titan Toys also do the same day dispatch on orders made before 2 pm, on most of the products!

          Kids 6v electric ride on quad bike

          We have talked about the benefits of being outdoors in a previous blog, but it cannot be mentioned enough! We all need fresh air and to be surrounded by nature now and then, for our well-being! Especially, if you like us and many other in the past couple of years, have been locked in the house a lot. We managed to get out for Easter and although it was not the Easter egg hunt we had planned, the kids loved getting out and driving around in their cars! 

          24v electric Ride on buggy for kids

          When we finally made it out, we set up a little trail of eggs for them to pick and they got to pretend to be saving the Easter bunny with the kids' ride on vet rescue jeep and nurse outfit. This is another topic we have discussed previously (read it here), how kids use role-play to make sense of the world around them. How fitting in these circumstances then, that the Easter Bunny also had managed to catch chickenpox! You can see the video on how it played out, on our YouTube channel.

          Kids role-play vet rescue ride-on jeep

          Give yourself a break!

          We always worry that our kids will feel disappointed but at the end of the day, they generally only remember the good times! They will remember the safety and comfort they have felt at home with you, while they were not feeling 100%. Take this opportunity to spend time with your kids, watch loads of movies together and enjoy all the cuddles. They will remember what you have done, not what did not happen because of the change in circumstances. 

          comforting cuddles


          Innovative Ways to Include Ride-On Toys in Indoor Play

          • Set up an indoor obstacle course:Use pillows, cushions, and other household items to create an obstacle course for your child to navigate on their ride-on toy. You could even time them to add an extra challenge.
          • Host a pretend race:Set up a start and finish line in your living room and have your child race against you or their siblings on their ride-on toy. You could even make it a themed race, such as a car race or horse race.
          • Create a scavenger hunt:Hide small toys or treats around your home and give your child clues to find them on their ride-on toy.
          • Play a game of tag:Create a track for your child to ride on their ride-on toy using pillows, cushions, and other household items. Even better, timing them makes it more difficult.
          • Play pretend:Encourage your child to pretend to be a racing car driver, a horse rider, or a spacecraft pilot while using their ride-on toy. You might even construct a temporary "drive-in" movie theatre and let them use their ride-on toy to view their preferred films or television programs.

            Always keep an eye on your child while they are using a ride-on toy indoors to make sure they are doing it safely and responsibly.

            Frequently asked questions about Using Ride On Toys for Entertaining Kids In the House
            Q1: Can you use ride-on toys inside?

            If you take the necessary steps, riding toys can be used safely inside. Make sure there are no dangers, such as sharp furniture or items, in the area where your kid is playing. Additionally, make sure your youngster is donning the essential safety gear, such as wearing the attached seatbelt.

            Q2: Which age range is appropriate for ride-on toys?

            Children of all ages, from toddlers to older youngsters, may play with ride-on toys. Make sure the ride-on toy you select for your child is suitable for their age, size, and stage of development.

            Q3: Does a ride-on toy make a sick child feel better?

            Yes, ride-on toys may make sick children feel better by giving them a pleasant and interesting pastime to distract them from their illness. Riding a toy gives them a sense of freedom and control that might boost their spirits.

            Q4: How can I make sure my ill child continues to play with their ride-on toy?

            Changing up the playtime pattern is one approach to keep your youngster interested in their ride-on toy when they are ill. To keep kids engaged and inspired to keep playing, try offering new games, difficulties, or barriers.

            Q5: What additional things can I do at home with my sick child?

            You may engage in a variety of indoor activities with your ill kid in addition to utilizing ride-on toys, including board games, arts and crafts, reading, and watching movies. For particular advice depending on your child's condition and requirements, be sure to speak with their doctor.

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