Go Wild Wooden Double Swing Set With Climbing Wall & 6ft Slide

Slide Colour: Red
Seat Colour: Deep Pink
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Introducing the all-new Go Wild Wooden Double Swing Set with Climbing Wall & 6ft Slide - the ultimate outdoor playground for kids of all ages! This sturdy and reliable wooden swing set is designed to offer endless fun for your little ones and their friends.

Featuring a 6ft slide in three stunning colours, and a swing seat in six bright colour options, this set is fully customisable to your child's liking. Plus, it comes with free wooden ground anchors to ensure stability and safety during playtime.

The slide is attached to a wooden platform, which doubles as a lookout tower at 86cm high, offering a bird's eye view of the garden. The climbing wall, aided by a 2-metre knotted thick pull-up rope, and cargo net on the other side provide even more opportunities for your child to explore.

Boasting up to 15% thicker treated wood than other models online, this climbing frame offers extra durability and strength, with FSC approved timber ensuring that the wood is responsibly sourced and eco-friendly.

With thick steel powder-coated A-frame brackets and solid galvanised hanging brackets, attaching your swing accessories is easy. And, with a lifetime warranty on wooden frames, your investment is protected for years to come.

In summary, the Go Wild Wooden Swing Set with Climbing Wall & 6ft Slide is the perfect addition to any garden, offering fun-filled features and customisable options for your child's ultimate outdoor adventure. Order now and give your child the gift of a lifetime of outdoor fun!


Here are some key features of the Go Wild Double Wooden Swing Set With Climbing Wall & 6ft Slide


  • Made from FSC treated timber, ensuring the wood comes from responsibly managed forests
  • Lifetime warranty on the wooden frame, giving you peace of mind
  • 80mm thick legs and 100mm thick top beam, providing a sturdy and durable structure
  • Free wooden ground anchors to ensure maximum stability
  • Free UK mainland delivery, so you can receive your swing set hassle-free
  • Galvanised hanging brackets and powder-coated steel A-frame brackets, preventing rust and ensuring long-lasting durability
  • Easy-to-read assembly instructions, making it a stress-free process


With these exceptional features, you can trust that the Go Wild Swing Set is not only fun and exciting but also safe and built to last. Give your kids the ultimate outdoor adventure with this incredible swing set!



Weight limits for each accessory on the Go Wild Wooden Swing Set with Climbing Wall and 6ft Slide



  • Slide holds up to 60kg
  • Knotted Rope up to 200kg
  • Swing seats up to 60kg each


These weight limits ensure that your kids can safely enjoy all the different features of the swing set without any worry. Plus, with the sturdy construction of the swing set, you can be confident that it will be able to support your children as they play and grow.



Frame Dimensions at its widest points


  • Width  360cm
  • Depth With Slide 340cm
  • Depth Excluding Slide 202cm
  • Height 227cm



Please note that some of our wooden poles have minor splits and cracks . This is completely normal and these will appear / disappear depending on the time of year and weather, 

wood is a natural product and is ever changing. This does not in any way affect the strength and durability of the structure,  This is the reason we are confident in providing a lifetime warranty on the wooden frame of our outdoor swing sets. 


Price includes FREE UK mainland delivery 



Assembly Required - Approx. 2 hours 

Tools Required - Preferably A Drill ( Screwdriver)  

Technical Specification

  • Top Beam Thickness 100mm
  • Height Adjusting Ropes
  • Support Leg Thickness 80mm
  • Free Ground Anchors
  • Galvanised Hanging Brackets
  • Side Support Beams
  • Powder Coated A-Frame Brackets
  • Total Height 227cm
  • Pressure Treated  FSC Timber
  • Total Width  300cm
  • Lifetime Warranty On Frame
  • Total Depth 340cm
  • Swing 60kg Weight Load
  • Lookout Platform
  • 6ft Slide  60kg Weight Load
  • Brand - Go Wild
  • Climbing Wall With Cargo Net
  • Knotted Climbing Rope

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