Go Wild Wooden Climbing Wall With 120cm Nest Swing Set

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Introducing our extraordinary Climber Frame & XL 120cm Round Nest Swing Set - a true treasure trove of endless fun and adventure! Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable value this set offers. If you're tight on space but still crave an exceptional activity play frame for your children, look no further. This is the ultimate solution you've been searching for.

Our brand-new outdoor climbing frame swing is a highly sought-after gem from our exclusive 'GO WILD' range, destined to become the star attraction of your kids' play area. Picture your little ones scaling the heights with excitement, accompanied by the incredible 120cm round nest swing. But here's the secret: our swing isn't just for kids! With a weight capacity of up to 200kg, it's perfect for adults who want to join in the fun and swing with their kids. Experience the joy of creating unforgettable memories together.

Safety and durability are our top priorities. The robust hanging swing features sturdy ropes that seamlessly connect to our solid galvanized brackets, offering complete peace of mind. Plus, the swing's height is fully adjustable to accommodate both children and adults, ensuring everyone can enjoy the thrill of swinging to their heart's content.

Now, let's talk about the frame itself. Crafted from ethically sourced FSC pressure treated timber, it's not just built to last; it's built to withstand the test of time. In fact, we're so confident in the quality of our double wooden swing sets that we provide a lifetime warranty on the frame - yes, you heard that right!

When it comes to construction, we've pulled out all the stops. With 80mm thick legs ensuring unrivalled rigidity and a whopping 100mm diameter top beam for maximum strength and longevity, our design team has truly outdone themselves. They've even developed a unique rubber sleeve pre-attached to the beams. This clever feature accommodates the natural expansion and contraction of the wood without compromising the swing set's functionality, safety, or movement. Rest assured, this is a swing set that stands the test of time.

To ensure exceptional stability, we provide spiked wooden ground anchors that anchor the set firmly to the ground, offering a secure foundation for countless hours of play.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to bring joy and adventure to your children's lives. Invest in our Climbing Frame & XL 120cm Round Nest Swing Set today and watch as their imagination soars, their laughter fills the air, and even you get to experience the exhilaration of swinging alongside them.



The additional swinging space required when positioning the double  swing is 170cm to the front and 170cm to the back.  These measurements are taken from the centre of of the top beam. 



  • Lifetime Warranty On The Wooden Frame
  • Includes  Climbing Wall & Stones ,  Red Cargo net  & Knotted Climbing Rope
  • XL 120cm Nest Swing with
  • Height 227cm x  Width  346cm x Depth 202cm 
  • Free UK Mainland Delivery *
  • Free Wooden Spiked Ground Anchors



Please note that some of our wooden poles have minor splits and cracks . This is completely normal and these will appear / disappear depending on the time of year and weather, 

wood is a natural product and is ever changing. This does not in any way affect the strength and durability of the structure,  This is the reason we are confident in providing a lifetime warranty on the wooden frame of our outdoor swing sets. 


Price includes FREE UK mainland delivery 



Assembly Required - Approx. 2 hours 

Tools Required - Preferably A Drill ( Screwdriver)  and Drill Piece 

Technical Specification

  • Top Beam Thickness 100mm
  • Height Adjusting Ropes
  • Support Leg Thickness 80mm
  • 6 x Ground Anchors
  • 3x Galvanised Hanging Brackets
  • 3 x Side Support Beams
  • 3 Powder Coated A-Frame Brackets
  • Total Height 227cm
  • Pressure Treated  FSC Timber
  • Total Width  346cm
  • Lifetime Warranty On Frame
  • Total Depth 202cm
  • 1 x XL Round 120cm nest swing

     200kg Max Load

  • Large Red Cargo Net
  • Full Climbing Wall With Stones & Knotted Rope
  • Brand - Go Wild

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