How to deal with the Summer Holidays and the dreaded “I’m bored!” words.
Children unlike adults find it hard to regulate their emotions and boredom is one such complaint that can be around especially during school holidays. Perhaps you have booked a summer camp, arranged for some play dates? However, when the excitement of action in the home fades, and screen time has reached its quota, often times this is when you will hear those dreaded words!

Let’s remind ourselves that it is perfectly normal for small children to get bored with their toys. So here are some tips for you to extend the life of some of your toys purchased including a ride-on vehicle from Titan Toys.

Perhaps you received a gift of an expensive toy that is the “wrong colour” or your child just doesn’t show any interest at all in it. Is there a super hero action figure or sticker or water bottle that you can put into their ride-on car? You’d be amazed at how quickly they may engage again with enjoying play with the toy or vehicle.

Have you walked into a living room, kitchen or playroom and just wondered how on earth so many toys were lying idle and never played with? It is a good idea where possible to try and store away the vast amount of toys you have and leave about 8 or 10 toys to play with over a few days, then just keep rotating toys so that you kids can rediscover again and again the joys of particular toys they couldn’t even see amongst all the volume of options available to them. We all most likely function in our work and play when “less is more”. In the case of ride-on vehicle from Titan toys, consider storing it outside or inside depending on the weather and your own personal space.

Following on from the above point, we are all tempted to spoil our children however many child therapists and professionals will argue that reducing the amount of toys actually reduces the whining, overwhelm and temper tantrums. Why not become sustainable and do some toy swaps with friends, or donate unwanted toys to charity, and for now keep a smaller amount of your children’s best loved toys and vehicles.

Give out old toys to other families or charities. Discard faulty and broken toys. Keep only a handful of your child’s favourite play things.
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