boys enjoying being outdoors in their kids ride-on buggy

As spring is arriving after the long dark winter, it is natural for most of us to be wanting to spend more time outside in the sunshine. Outdoor play comes with loads of benefits to the whole family, both psychically and mentally. Generally, children are happy to play outside no matter the weather and growing up in Sweden we always got to hear “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes!”.

The saying is very true but it helps caretakers to feel motivated to play outside when it is warmer and drier. On the flip side, kids are feeling more motivated to follow you on longer walks if it is made exciting, for example by bringing a picnic, a car for kids to drive, or why not both?

brother giving sister a lift in his ride on buggy

Physical benefits of outdoor play

Gross motor skills

Think about the cows, what are they like when they finally get to go out after a whole winter locked inside? They jump, run and dance, maybe not dance but you get the picture. It is the same with our kids! The only difference is that they feel this way after only a few hours in the house. How often do you have to tell them to stop climbing on the sofa, stop running like elephants through the house or please use your inside voice!

They thrive outdoors where they are allowed to shout, run and climb because this is what their bodies need to develop. This makes them stronger, more confident and improves their body awareness! Sure, they will fall now and then but they will learn to be more observant of obstacles that could trip them up! At the end of the day, kids will be kids, and sometimes it is just nice for adults to get a break from them being kids indoors!

When they have friends over, they surely will be taking turns with the electric car for kids and have one of them racing side by side, trying to outrun the kids car! Why not pretend to be in the world’s strongest man competition by pushing the car or trying to lift it!

Fine motor skills

Kids love to pick and collect rocks, sticks, pine cones and leaves. You could assist their fine motor skills development by coming up with uses for these collectables. They could for example use the sticks to make a little mini den or they could paint the rocks or why not see how high they can build a rock tower!. Their fine motor skills can also be developed when they use chalk to draw on the ground.


belt buckle in kids ride-on jeep

Kids riding cars come with great opportunities for children to work on their fine motor skills. Entering and turning the key to start it, buckling and unbuckling their seat belt and they also have to move the stick up and down just like in a real car with an automatic gearbox.

kids electric car dashboard

Daily exercise

Exercise is something that comes naturally to most kids and the possibilities are so much greater outdoors where there is more space to move around in. Even if they move around a lot inside too, they are more likely to get more intense exercise when running or climbing out in the open. It should be pointed out that some kids might need more encouragement, which they could get from playing with siblings, friends and, as we talk about in a previous blog, kids benefit hugely from having adults playing with them.

Health benefits to kids and adults from being outdoor

We have all grown up hearing how good it is for us to get some fresh air but this is not the only health benefit. In the past couple of years, there has been an increased focus on the importance of sleep and what we can do to improve our mental health. Spending more time outside has also the added benefit of increased Vitamin D intake.

Sleep schedule

As it is more common than many think, to have children that do not sleep through the night until they are much older, you might find it interesting to know that spending more time outside could improve their night-time sleep. Making sure that the kids are getting plenty of sun and exposure to daylight, allows their melatonin (sleep hormone) levels to be in sync with nature. As mentioned earlier, kids are more likely to use up a lot more energy when they are outside and therefore this will also assist them in their sleep.

Vitamin D

Our bodies produce Vitamin D when they are exposed to direct sunlight, which is crucial for our uptake of calcium. We need calcium to keep our bones and teeth healthy. In the UK we generally get enough sunlight from April till September as long as we spend time outside! But during the winter months, we might need to take supplements as it is only a limited amount of food that provides us with vitamin D. It is only in recent years that the importance of Vitamin D has been recognised, to the extent that breastfed babies now also need a vitamin D supplement.

As we mention in another blog, keeping the kids protected by using sunscreen, sunshades breathable clothes, is important. Although sunscreen blocks the skin from the uptake of Vitamin D, it is strongly advised by the NHS, that children between 6 months and 5 years stay in the shade between 11 am and 3 pm and wear at least SPF15 sunscreen.

Why not take the kids out on a forest drive in their car for children, thanks to the shade from the trees they are not getting constant exposure to sunlight but will still be getting some vitamin D through.

Kids driving an electric car for kids on a country road

Mental Health      

This is a topic that has been widely discussed recently where people are feeling more confident to share their struggles with their mental health. There is increased stress, more pressure and less of a work-life balance in our society today. Sadly, this is not only affecting adults.

The benefits of being outdoors to our mental health are so underestimated! Sunlight is thought to increase serotonin, which is thought to regulate mood, emotions and appetite. As mentioned by, studies have shown that spending time in nature reduces levels of anxiety and kids’ feelings of stress.

There is a calmness, a feeling of serenity when you are out in nature, watching animals or insects, or listening to the soft wind in the trees all while feeling the sun hitting you. It is easy to see how this will improve your well-being and allow you to reset. Again, take your kids on a long drive in their electric ride on jeep and just enjoy your surroundings!

Motivate your kids to play outdoors

As you can see, there are loads of benefits to outdoor play, you only need to find ways to motivate your kids to get out. Especially today as kids are so dependent on screens indoors. Be creative and come up with exciting outdoor activities, both for the summer and winter. Have a look at this blog where we discuss the benefits of role-playing to children and maybe try to incorporate this into your outdoor play! IF you are interested in one of our role-playing jeeps, you can find them hereKids’ electric ride-on toys can be of great use when encouraging children to go out and explore nature. As you can see, it will do the whole family well to get out!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids And The Benefits Of Outdoor Play With Electric Ride-On Cars
Q1: what do you mean by electric ride-on cars and how do they work?

Young toddlers can ride in battery-operated toys called electric ride-on automobiles. The automobiles' wheels are propelled by an electric motor, which is fueled by a rechargeable battery. Using a foot pedal or remote control, you may drive the vehicle. Accidents can be avoided with the use of safety equipment like automatic brakes and adjustable speed controls. It's crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's safety instructions, which include carefully charging the battery and watching youngsters as they play with the device.

Q2: Can kids use ride-on electric vehicles on public roads?

Electric ride-on vehicles are only intended for use on private land; children should not use them on public roadways.

Q3: How old must a child be to operate an electric ride-on vehicle?

The majority of electric ride-on vehicles are made for kids between the ages of three and seven, but parents should always read the manufacturer's instructions to make sure the vehicle is suitable for their child's size and age.

Q4: How can electric ride-on cars promote safe and enjoyable outdoor play?

Here is some advice for parents on how to promote enjoyable and safe electric ride-on vehicle activity outside.

  • Choose a ride-on car for your child that is appropriate for their age and size, and always keep an eye on them while they are using it.
  • Establish a secure setting for driving
  • Encourage your kid to put on the safety belt.
  • Instruct your youngster on fundamental traffic laws.
  • Be sure your youngster understands the rules and restrictions about riding in the automobile.
  • Consistently inspect the ride-on vehicle for any symptoms of damage or wear and tear.
Q5: How can parents guarantee the maintenance of their child's electric ride-on car?

In addition to making sure the battery is charged properly and adhering to the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations, parents should routinely inspect their child's ride-on car for any indications of wear and tear or damage.

Q6: What electric ride-on car should I pick for my child?

Take into account your child's age, size, and degree of expertise while selecting an electric ride-on car for them. Look for a car with safety features like seat belts and parental controls that is suitable for their size and age range. You should also think about the kind of terrain the vehicle will be operated on and if it has the necessary power and speed.