Kids electric car

Most kids love transport, anything from cars to trains and boats. If you can get your child an electric ride-on car, you have most likely found the perfect kids present for 2-8-year-olds!

With so many different models, styles and designs on the market it could be difficult to decide which car is right for your child. Therefore, we have tried to do the work for you, by matching the features of the cars with kids' personalities.

The adventurer

This is the child who loves to go off-road and explore everything no matter the terrain or weather! Your child may also have a lot of friends or siblings that could join in on the adventures. 


Black carbon kids ride-on buggy

With a 24v battery output, this kids' ride-on toy is a powerful buggy with huge chunky tyres that can easily take bigger and older kids, up to 8-years of age. You can also make use of the two seats by bringing a friend or a sibling along for the ride! The handy shelf in the back of the buggy makes it easy to bring picnics, explorer packs or a change of clothes. The possibilities are endless for the adventurer with this 24v ride-on buggy. The only difficult choice for the adventurer would be which of the eye-catching colours to pick from? Carbon, Arctic white or the yellow Hornet design?

The Mini Adventurer

Similar to the adventurer in many ways, only that this child is slightly younger but with just as big an imagination!

Perfect Match: Dirt Trax Quad Bike

Red 6v electric quad bike

This electric ride-on quad comes with a small but powerful 6v battery which in turn will be a more suitable speed for the smaller adventurers. It has chunky off-road wheels and is slightly higher than other kid’s quads on the market which means it rides better on rough surfaces without getting stuck. This children's quad bike comes in yellow, blue, red and white. Additional features include front and rear storage racks & bright front headlights. 

The Sporty

If your child loves race cars, fast speed and the sporty colourful looks of a supercar he or she would come under the sporty personality!

Perfect Match: Lamborghini Huracán Performante

Pink 12V Lamborghini Huracán Performante Licensed Kids Electric Ride On Car

This car comes in bright pink or electric blue with all the sporty supercar design details. It has been licensed by Lamborghini itself and comes with real painted bodywork. If your child is the sporty type who loves to play race, this is the kid’s electric car to get!

The Trendy

Could it be that this child is already aware of what is in fashion and what toys are popular within their friends circle? Maybe he or she is someone who just appreciates and has an eye for what is going to be the next in thing!

Perfect Match: Range Rover Evoque

2021 Range Rover Evoque kids electric car

Maybe you, as a parent, drive one and would love your child to be matching! It comes in black or white and the details such as the grill make it look like the real deal adult version! Any kid driving around in this children’s ride on car will be getting looks of envy when starting the new trend on the street.

The Role-player

A kid who has reached the age of role-playing where they love to dress up to and act out different movies or books. They have an amazing imagination and love to involve others in their own stories!

Perfect Match: Police Car Swat Jeep, Vet Rescue Jeep
Police Car Swat Jeep ride on childrens car

These kids' electric jeeps are perfect for the role-player as they are specifically designed for them! Choose the jeep that fits your child’s interests. Maybe it is chasing dinosaurs, saving animals, or being the police and catching bad guys? Each of these three different kids’ electric ride-on cars even comes with a matching role-play outfit.

The classy

These are the kids that love it when parties and fancy dinners are happening so they have a reason to put on their nicest outfits. They do not miss an opportunity to look their best in any normal situation either!

Perfect match: Mercedes GTR AMG

This car is slightly smaller than some of the other cars you can get. It has also been licensed and branded by Mercedes themselves and it shows. The class shows in the details of this Mercedes electric car for kids, typical for this car make. Red, black, green or white? Which colour would your little person love to be seen in?

Hopefully, this has given some help towards choosing the perfect car for your kid but if you are still unsure or maybe you would like the one that matches your personality instead, you could have a look at our blog article discussing the features of the Evoque matching some adult-specific personalities.

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